Castle Reconstruction
Reconstructing the Past

These three images demonstrate the CAD development of the Slave Castle and focus on the overall view of the castle looking northeast, a detail view of Bunce Island House and a closer inspection of the Office Tower. Clicking on the first image will lead to a wireframe image showing fortress walls, other castle structures and details. One this new page as the cursor moves on and off the image, a comparision is demonstrated between wireframe and digital rendered reconstruction.

Selecting the middle image will lead to a comparision between wireframe and rendered image of Bunce Island House. This zoom-in perspective allows a closer inpsection of its structural elements. Two inner walls in Bunce Island House can be seen in the center of the wireframe image.

Clicking on the Office Tower will lead to a page comparing the Office Tower wireframe and rendered image. Imagine being on the top floor and experiencing the commanding panoramic view of the island, village, Sierra Leone River and approching ships.
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