Island Reconstruction
Reconstructing the Past

The first image below of the Island Reconstruction illustrates a topographical map showing detail and quantitative descriptions of the entire island with the jetty and slave castle location. Non-intersecting segments called contour lines represent elevation. Contour lines develope the natural relief features of the islands terrain with closer spaced lines representing steeper terrain. Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite system providing location and time information. Additional discussion of GPS data/Plotting continues when image is clicked.

The middle image is a digital terrain model and wireframe comparison created with the information from the topographical map (topo) and CAD software. Contour lines are drawn as 2D polygons, converted to 3d polygons. This data creates a network of triangles which in turn form the terrain model. Additional discussion and development of the model, "smoothing" and applied "skin" continues when this image is clicked.

The final image, an island wireframe and rendering comparison of the island, village and slave castle, is refined with the island having a "smoothing" element applied to the normal triangular facets. Notice the village housing, jetty and slave castle, all in wireframe format. Additional discussion of the wireframe and final texturing continues when image is clicked.
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